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   The  J.H. Routh Packing Company traces its roots to 1919, when W.C. Routh began the Sandusky Packing Company. In 1942, under John H. Routh, the company changed its name to the J.H. Routh Packing Company, and was incorporated under the name in 1947. Since that time, John Routh, and his descendants have operated the business and provided its customers with famous “Daisyfield” Brand fresh and processed meat products. In 1961, the company decided to concentrate solely on its pork products, and constructed a significant addition to its 308 Nielsen Ave., facility which allowed it to distribute Daisyfield products outside the state of Ohio.

       When demand soon outpaced the capacity of our existing  facility,  the decision was made to construct an entirely new facility at 4413 W. Bogart Rd., with the financial assistance of our customers and hog suppliers. This facility, opened in 1971, has been extensively added to and renovated to meet the demands of our customers and provide the highest degree of processing efficiency possible.  We are currently the only large-scale hog processing plant operating in the state of Ohio.

    The company was a pioneer in the development of leaner, healthier, “meat type” pork. Throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s, Routh Packing worked with local producers and health professionals to produce hogs that were naturally leaner and meatier than the current industry standard animal available at the time.  This, combined with a program of eliminating as much fat as possible during the processing procedure, gave the company the ability to offer its “meat type pork” products throughout its marketing area. Customers fell in love with the healthier, more nutritious cuts of pork, and this type of product soon became the new industry standard.

   Currently, the company’s focus is on providing it’s Daisyfield Brand of fresh and processed pork products to customers throughout the eastern United States, and abroad. The company is able to provide its wholesale and retail customers the freshest pork possible; in many cases having its products in the meat case the day after the animal is harvested. For years, the industry standard was to provide it’s fresh pork products wrapped in paper. That’s the way we still do it here at J.H. Routh Packing Company, as that’s the only way to assure our products are received at the peak of freshness.

       Our fleet of company owned trucks, deliver Daisyfield Brand products to customers in Ohio and adjoining states, while distributors and other wholesale customers are serviced by a select group of commercial carriers, dedicated to our business. As business becomes more globalized, so too has our customer base. Significant amounts of export business having been developed both in North America, and Asia.

J.H.Routh Packing Company

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